Rules and Regulations

The Fitness Terminal
Rules and Regulations

The Fitness Terminal is open Monday to Sunday and is 24 hours. Please see below for information regarding supervised hours.

• Members can access the centre by the main door located on the west side of the building.
• Your ID Badge is required to enter the actual Fitness Terminal
• New members who have completed the required steps (member forms, and orientation), will be given badge access to the Terminal
• Allowing non-members to utilize your access card to gain entry to the Fitness Terminal is a breach of the fitness membership agreement with Honeywell and could result in the loss of membership and/or disciplinary action

Note: Security has the authority to deny Fitness Terminal entry to anyone attempting to access the area without using his/her fitness access card (for example, trailing behind another person). Security also has the authority to request fitness membership ID from anyone attempting to enter or having entered the Fitness Terminal.

• Supervised hours will be posted in the Fitness Terminal
• It is recommended that those using the Fitness Terminal during unsupervised times be accompanied by another person.

• Use of the Fitness Terminal is restricted to members only
• Only Fitness Terminal members may use the fitness program areas and locker room facilities in the Fitness Terminal

• To become a member of the Fitness Terminal, you must complete the following steps:
1. Visit the Fitness Terminal to pick up your orientation package and complete the orientation
2. Return the completed orientation paperwork to the Health Systems Group representative that are in the Fitness Terminal

• It is the responsibility of all Fitness Terminal members to read and follow the recommendations outlined in the Physical Activity Readiness Checklist (PARq +)
• Members are also responsible for reviewing this checklist annually or after any significant change in health status (e.g. illness, injury, pregnancy)

• In order to use the Fitness Terminal facilities and/or participate in its programs and services, members must read and agree with all statements contained in the Membership Agreement/Informed Consent Application Form

• Honeywell: $4.60 per pay period
• Celestica and Contractors: $60 for 6 months
• Memberships are for 6 months from the date signed
• In order to opt out, you must provide 30 days’ notice by completing cancellation form and submit it to the Fitness Coordinator of the Facility
• If you opt out, you are not able to enroll for the Fitness Terminal until 3 months have passed
• The only opt-out exceptions are for medical reasons (documentation is required) or if you are on Leave of Absence for more than 3 months. In either case, written notice of your opt out is required
• Fees for Honeywell employees are collected via payroll deduction
• Fees for Celestica and contractors are collected via cheque made payable to “Honeywell”
• Membership fees are subject to change from time to time. Members will be given 30 days written notice when there is a change to the fees

• Fitness members are allowed to use all program areas within the Fitness Terminal and the appropriate locker room facilities
• Fitness members do not pay additional fees for regular fitness classes
• Additional fees may be associated with Specialty programs, classes, personal training etc.

• In case of an emergency:
o Dial 2300 on the phone to access the main emergency line
o Dial 9-911
• If there is a security risk/threat, call the front desk (confirm number)

• Lockers are for workout use only. Locks and contents must be removed immediately after each workout so that others may have access to a locker
• There is a locker lottery and rentals available to members, which is done on a six month rotation; rentals are paid by cheque
• Fitness Terminal members should bring their own towels and are recommended to wear water shoes in the shower area

• The Fitness Terminal and Honeywell are not responsible for lost or stolen items
• Fitness Terminal users should make every effort to secure their belongings. In the event of a loss of an item, please report it to the Fitness Terminal staff

• Training of clients within the Fitness Terminal is to be conducted by Fitness Terminal staff only
• External personal trainers (trainers who are not associated with HSG) are not permitted to conduct any personal training activities in the Fitness Terminal

• It is the responsibility of Fitness Terminal users to respect the facility guidelines and procedures
• Fitness Terminal staff is not always able to directly supervise the various areas. If you feel the actions of other users are compromising your rights to safety, hygiene or courtesy, don’t hesitate to approach them about following the guidelines or speak to one of the Fitness Terminal staff
• If you feel personally threatened by another member or members, report it to Honeywell Security staff as soon as possible
• Disregard for reasonable safety and the rights of other Fitness Terminal users could result in loss of Fitness Terminal privileges and/or disciplinary action

• These guidelines and procedures will be reviewed and updated periodically by the Fitness Terminal management

• You can reach the Fitness Terminal via phone at extension 2523

Rules of the Club

• To utilize the facility you must be a member and have completed the following forms:
 Membership application and Informed consent form
 Par Q+ Form
 Fitness Centre Orientation
• The facility is open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday (the supervised hours of the facility will be posted in the Fitness Centre)
• It is recommended to work out with a buddy when the facility is not supervised.
• Eligible Members:
o Honeywell Employees
o Celestica Employees
o Contractors

• The Fitness Terminal is only accessible by your security card, which will be activated once you complete the 2 steps (orientation, member forms)
• Members are asked to wear proper athletic clothing. For the benefit of those exercising with you, it is advisable to launder clothing frequently
• Running shoes must be worn at all times while using the facility
 No outdoor shoes are allowed in the facility
• Equipment must be wiped down, using the wipes provided, after each use
• Eating and drinking are not permitted in the locker room or exercise area, with the exception of a water
• If members are using cellphones and/or head phones during a workout, please remain aware of your surroundings and ensure you are still able to hear any emergency announcements/alarms
• Honeywell is not responsible for lost or stolen items
• Members are encouraged to bring their own towel
• Proper hygiene must be practiced. It is advised you shower before you go back to work
• Lockers are available during work out use only, unless you are renting a locker at an extra cost. Please remove all belongings when finished your workout.
 Locks left on will be cut off without warning and the items removed.
 Members must supply their own locks
• It is recommended you wear water shoes while in shower/ locker area
• If you do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the facility your membership will be revoked

Gym Etiquette
• You must wipe down equipment when finished. Wipes are available for your use
• You must return all weights to their appropriate racks when finished
• Please be respectful of other members that are working out
• During peak times please use cardiovascular equipment no longer than 30 minutes and allow employees to workout on the weights between sets.
• Please inform the Fitness Coordinator of any problems with equipment or with the Fitness Terminal as soon as possible
• In case of an emergency please utilize the phone and call 2300 or emergency services by dialing 9-911