Fitness Programs

The Fitness Terminal offers a variety of programs that help you achieve your physical fitness goals. Whether it may be running a marathon, increasing overall strength, getting in shape or even just starting out for the first time; the staff here are dedicated in helping you every milestone of the way.

Programs offered for FREE to all Fitness Terminal members:

  • Member Consultations
    • Help plan out your fitness goals
    • Establish a fitness plan
  • Fitness Assessments
    • Full or partial assessments can be done depending on members goals
  • Program Specific Demonstrations
    • Strength Training
    • Cardio and Flexibility Training
    • Interval Training
    • All members who complete a program demonstrations will also receive a copy of it for them to use as guidance as well as track their progress
  • Wellness Coaching
    • Includes work life and balance counseling
    • Getting guidance on maintaining wellness at home and outside of the Fitness Terminal
    • Nutrition coaching is also included in this program; meal planning for at home and eating out.